Tickerscores Top 10 Report: Autumn 2014

Special Report: Coming Late August 2014

100% Independent and In-depth.

Our Top 5 picks from early 2014 are up 59.3% on average.

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What will be included in the report?

In this special quarterly report, we cover the ten resource companies that we believe have the potential for the highest returns for investors. We choose these companies based on our Tickerscores scoring system and our analyst’s discretion. For each company, we highlight: management, insider ownership, financials, upcoming catalysts, and the risk climate. We also include relevant maps and visualizations to help investors understand the company.

How is this report 100% independent?

The Tickerscores database itself is a paid for by our membership. For more information on becoming a member, go here. The report itself has a nominal fee of just $55 for the highest quality research in the industry targeted towards retail investors. Unlike other newsletters, companies do not pay us a dime.

Is there any benefit to pre-ordering the report?

Investors who pre-order the report before September 1, 2014, will get a free copy of our previous report from Summer 2014. This gift is 55+ pages of analysis that covers 10 companies that we still feel have incredible potential for returns. It is worth $55, so by pre-ordering, you get double the value.

What kind of results can I expect?

Past results are not predictors of future success, but our picks from earlier in 2014 are up more than 30% on average, and the top five of those averaged 59.3%. The Tickerscores database compares companies against one another to find the companies that have the best fundamentals in the gold, silver, and PGM sectors.

I am a Tickerscores subscriber. Is it included?

Certainly. All current paid subscribers get our quarterly reports free of charge.