The Problem

There are hundreds companies exploring for precious metals. Yet, only a fraction of these companies make significant discoveries that will eventually go into production.

The average investor does not have the time to evaluate hundreds of financials, research, technical reports, and press releases.

The Solution

While there is the small chance that even a poor company can “luck out” and make a discovery, these stocks will be losers more often than winners.

The preferred strategy is to take a “basket approach” of companies with proven management teams, great properties, solid financials, and the best interests of shareholders in consideration. After all, it is more often than not that these companies will be the winners.

Using our universal scoring system and proprietary research, we create a level playing field for investors by evaluating each company using the same approach.

We compare companies in the same jurisdictions that are at a similar stage in exploration.  We scour through financial statements, MD&A, insider and institutional buying, technical reports, and other data to get the latest information. We then plug this information into our proprietary algorithm and weighting system to create a score that represents the “health” of each company.

How Scoring Works